A Tommy Sundress Day

I just love Tommy Bahama sundresses!  This one is made of lightweight Rayon and Polyester.  Perfect for lazily going about my day but with a touch of flare, brightening my coastal style for the day.  The design on the top and lower half of the dress gives an ethnic feel.  It makes me feel like I’ve stepped off into another country if just that moment when I see myself in the mirror.  Does your clothing do that for you?  Take you off to exotic places and make you feel like your somewhere luxurious? 

How to Wear Black During The Summer in The Lowcountry 

On a day like to today, cloudy and wet, wearing black in the Lowcountry isn’t all that bad.  Especially when it’s a little black gauzy dress like the one I wore today.  The dress falls just above my knees exposing more leg, cooling the bottom half of me with the summer breeze.  The dress shape has a trapeze flow so air enters from the bottom of it.  I paired the dress with black open toed boots, just in case it started raining again.  You can get away with wearing booties on rainy days.  Make sure whatever black that you wear is of a light material and not too tight.  You want your body to be able to breathe in the summer air.

Pecan Pretty

IMG_1532.JPGWelcome to my blog! I love living on the coast. I love fashion! Follow me as I explore my world of beach(Hilton Head Island) and fashion. Everything refreshing and yummy was my dress and outing today. I ordered my favorite kind of southern pie, pecan, and a citrus refresher (because I was feeling fresh and pretty of course). The dress I chose to wear today looked as though flowers were painted on it. For jewelry I added my colorful handmade bracelets. They make me smile every time I wear them. The frill at the bottom of this dress makes me smile too. Keeping with a coastal feel, I added a basket weave clutch. And for shoes, I wore cream colored heals with a touch of copper that went great with the salmon color in the dress. I wore these nerdy blinged glasses for fun because well, I’m a nerd at heart. I hope you enjoy my new blog and pics. Cheers! Photography by Scott Elliott.IMG_1527.JPGIMG_1529.JPGIMG_1530.JPG