4th of July in the Lowcountry 

One of my favorite times in the Lowcountry is the 4th of July.  Hilton Head Island  comes alive with all kinds of festivities!  From day long music concerts and parades, to an evening filled with laughter and lights.  Fighting the traffic is well worth all the fuss.  One dish I love to cook during the 4th of July weekend is Lowcountry Boil.  It’s festive display of seafood, potatoes and corn will be a feast for hungry souls waiting for the fireworks.  It’s easy to cook, cooks in a jiff, and easy to clean up afterwards.  Here is a recipe that I found that gives the boil a different kick.  Hope your holiday will be fantastic!  Have fun!


Flamingos And The Lowcountry

It was just another lazy walk down to the Old Town Bluffton Waterfront.  The warm air hypnotizing, I almost missed a glimpse of what appears to be a hot pink flamingo floating along the waves!  All of a sudden, In that moment, I felt the joy of summer curl my lips in laughter.  It was officially summer!  It was picture perfect inspiration of what the Flamingo means to the Southern Coastal Lowcountry; Unexpected charm full of adventure!  This looked like so much fun that I had to get a Flamingo Inflatable Raft too! Click the link to support the blog and you can get your Flamingo on too!