Swoon and Sail’s Pop Up 

Yesterday was a magical day!  Cornflower blue flowers on a white background suited me well for the day.  The shape of the dress, fit and flare,  kept me cool during the long hours I waited for sailors to arrive.  There was sailors dressed in their own fit and flare dresses and sailors that have written books.  Everyone thought my Pop Up was a great idea.  Even the men that dropped by thought my Pop Up was interesting.  Thank you to those that made it to the event!

Vintage Beach Unicorn

Introducing my new store UnicornTropic.com.  You will find items that have caught my eye and expresses my own style in Coastal style expression. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have a thing for Vintage and tribal prints.  That’s why I am featuring these two items to tell you about my store. All the pieces in my store is fashion that will help you to make “Shore Magic.”  I hope you enjoy my store and the items I sell.  

1. Mesh Vintage Bodysuit

2. Bamboo Travel Clutch

A Tommy Sundress Day

I just love Tommy Bahama sundresses!  This one is made of lightweight Rayon and Polyester.  Perfect for lazily going about my day but with a touch of flare, brightening my coastal style for the day.  The design on the top and lower half of the dress gives an ethnic feel.  It makes me feel like I’ve stepped off into another country if just that moment when I see myself in the mirror.  Does your clothing do that for you?  Take you off to exotic places and make you feel like your somewhere luxurious? 

Polka Dot 4th

The sun is out and the polka dots are in!  Here is my little red, white, and blue dress I found at an department store in Bluffton.  Perfect for a classy dinner downtown or a romantic boat ride; I just feel like the perfect princess ready for the 4th.  This dress has an A-line, fit and flare to it.  Flirty and fun, it’s sure to set off some fireworks!  Be careful out there and enjoy some BBQ for me!

Rainy Day Romper

Even though it rained today, the weather in the Lowcountry didn’t cool much.  So I decided to throw on this linen vintage green Romper I found at a consignment shop in Hilton Head.  The cuffs at the bottom of it screams 1980’s.  It is light and roomy in the torso and the legs.  The booties I wore helped to make the Romper look less frumpy and I threw on my red Kate Spade to add pop to an otherwise dreary day.  I hope the fourth is much brighter.  

How to Wear Black During The Summer in The Lowcountry 

On a day like to today, cloudy and wet, wearing black in the Lowcountry isn’t all that bad.  Especially when it’s a little black gauzy dress like the one I wore today.  The dress falls just above my knees exposing more leg, cooling the bottom half of me with the summer breeze.  The dress shape has a trapeze flow so air enters from the bottom of it.  I paired the dress with black open toed boots, just in case it started raining again.  You can get away with wearing booties on rainy days.  Make sure whatever black that you wear is of a light material and not too tight.  You want your body to be able to breathe in the summer air.

Mango Tropics In The Lowcountry

I was in a tropical state of mind today when I got dressed to head towards the beach.  It looked as though it was going to rain but that didn’t stop me from putting on my bright tropical print bathing suit.  If anything,  I wanted to feel like I was in the tropics!  And that’s not hard to achieve when you live on the coastal south.  Helping me to stay in that mood was the taste of homemade Mango Sorbet at the Jack Frost Homemade Ice Cream and Italian Ice Shop in Okatie. The creamy sorbet has just the right amount of sweetness and mango fruitiness to send your taste buds to the Tropical Coast of Granada!  Mango was my favorite out of the assortment of creative flavors the shop offers.  I was blown away by all of the flavors I tried, but my mood chose Mango as the best flavor for today!  This little shop is a jewel to have in the Lowcountry.  Open for 8 years, I am glad David decided to stay!

Morning Blues

For morning breakfast, I decided to throw on my favorite jean dress I picked up at Marshall’s.  I love the embroidery on the front of the dress, keeping with the tribal mood I am in.  It is light and comfortable.  The length of it is perfect as well, falling just above my knees giving it a flirty silhouette.  The chambray blue is a coastal favorite.

Happy Easter


Hope you enjoy the day we celebrate the greatest love anyone has ever given. Today I’m wearing my favorite brand, Tommy Bahama. I just love the colors that blend in this dress and the shell details on the strings to tie around my neck. I love anything that reminds me I live on the Coast. For my hair, I am wearing it natural. I found this great product atUlta Beauty that left my curls perfect. I used Paul Mitchell’s Curls:Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo & Conditioner. Finishing with Curls: Twirl Around Curl Definer. I finished my look with my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses. Have a happy Easter!

Photo-Ronald Farmer