Mango Tropics In The Lowcountry

I was in a tropical state of mind today when I got dressed to head towards the beach.  It looked as though it was going to rain but that didn’t stop me from putting on my bright tropical print bathing suit.  If anything,  I wanted to feel like I was in the tropics!  And that’s not hard to achieve when you live on the coastal south.  Helping me to stay in that mood was the taste of homemade Mango Sorbet at the Jack Frost Homemade Ice Cream and Italian Ice Shop in Okatie. The creamy sorbet has just the right amount of sweetness and mango fruitiness to send your taste buds to the Tropical Coast of Granada!  Mango was my favorite out of the assortment of creative flavors the shop offers.  I was blown away by all of the flavors I tried, but my mood chose Mango as the best flavor for today!  This little shop is a jewel to have in the Lowcountry.  Open for 8 years, I am glad David decided to stay!